I Want to Ride My Bicycle

I LOVE my spinning class. I love the music. Love the people chatting with each other while we ride. And most of all I love being done.

Don't know why I have so much trouble remembering that at 5:30 a.m. when I have to drag my tired carcass out of bed to get there.

In 4 weeks, I'm going to the Grand Cayman for a little R&R with the hub. Turned in all my frequent flyer points of a lifetime to get there. So I'm going to need to start loving my spinning class even more.
Also working on my marketing plan for promoting my book Sleeping with the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track. It's due out in March and it's going to be great. Finished editing it last weekend and there's a lot of funny mom moments in there.

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