Mama Mia! Forgot the Video Again

My husband and I were watching Mamma Mia, the video, and we didn't mail it back to Netflix right away. The kids picked it up and watched it a little bit.

You may remember the opening scene, the girl is trying to figure out which of three men is her daddy. She's reading her mom's diary and each time she relates a story about one of the three men, the story ends in dot, dot, dot. As in, one thing lead to another and then dot, dot, dot...

She says it's the old fashioned way that women wrote about the you know what. So I found out the kids put the video in. I braced myself for questions such as mom, how would a girl not know which man is her father? Why would three different men possibly be a girl's father? No questions came. They hurried off to school and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The next day I was talking with my seven-year-old daughter in the kitchen.

"Mom, what does 'dot, dot, dot' mean?"

I froze. A worse question than I expected. I was trying to get breakfast on the table and to the shower. It wasn't the right time to open the birds and the bees talk. So sometimes saying nothing, maybe pretending you don't hear the question can be good parenting. After a minute she answered her own question.

"I think it means kissing."

"I bet that's right, honey" I said. We'll save that talk for another day.

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