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Unbroken: Life Lessons from the Original Bad Girl Scarlett O’Hara

By many measures, Scarlett O’Hara from the book, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was a Bad Girl. She married her sister’s only boyfriend, slapped her staff, shunned book learning and did not appreciate diversity—not in the least. Yet, despite all these faults, she is a heroine for many because of her tenacity to survive against all odds and her bold modern spirit. This past holiday season, we took Gone with the Wind with us on our long car trip to see family. And with our kids, now aged 16 and 12, we’ve found that in-car fighting is reduced when we read out loud. In the book, as in the movie, the main character Scarlett O’Hara survives the Civil War and Restoration all while wishing for a man that does not love her (Ashley) and missing out on the one that does (Rhett). Here are a few lessons on living from the flawed but unbreakable Katie Scarlett O’Hara:
Don’t worry what others think. Early in the book, Scarlett’s admirers were many including every beau in the county. However,…

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