The Last Room Mom Standing

It's that time of year again for teacher's gifts. Last week, I found myself handing out bill after bill to group gift organizers. Thank goodness for teacher's gift organizers this time of year. They really make life simpler for parents. Kudos to the moms who do it regularly for sports, church school and school.

Mentally in my head I was checking off, first grade church school, first grade teacher, fourth grade church school...

Then I got to fourth grade teacher gift. Who should I give the money to? Damn, it's me. It's easy to see what kind of a room mom, I've been. After the February Valentine's Day party, there hasn't been much to do. So I've really risen to the occasion. When Christine, Queen of the Room moms cornered me at Target last fall, she literally said, "You're the last person available." And then she begged me to be room mom. I accepted. Later when I got home, I pondered the meaning of being her last choice. A topic for another day.

So realizing it was teacher's gift time of year, I called my co-room mom and friend Paula. We got together at her house, sent out the note, organized the field day game for our class and had a hoot. It's our last task of the year. Being a room mom wasn't so bad after all. At some point, you have to take your turn and do your fair share.

The other moms and dads of the class always go above and beyond what is asked for every party, every gift, everything. Being a room mom wasn't a chore, it was a fun. All you had to do each time was ask and organize. The parents did the rest. The take-away here is that together we're stronger, it just takes a point person to do the asking. In business, it's the same. People want to help. People want to be a part of things. You just have to ask.

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