Market Like a Mother: Tips for Promoting Your Mom App

I have to say I've been having a blast Marketing Like a Mother. That is, doing a guerilla marketing campaign for my humor iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry.
Marketing Like a Mother Means:

  1. Making a plan and methodically working your plan.

  2. Marketing on little bits of time that mother's have. Making sure you promote your work one hour a day. This may mean getting up early, before the kids, but it's darn well worth it.

  3. Being true to yourself. Components of a Market Like a Mother campaign include for example:
  • Blog outreach by providing value to others with articles
  • App review requests
  • Free PR such as newspaper self publishing options
  • Leveraging your content to other communities such as blogher, momslikeme, cafemom, helium
  • Writing articles showing your expertise on suite101, ehow, hubpages and that other one
  • Finding communities of like minded individuals and becoming a contributing member of the group
What's So Fun About That?
So, that's where the blast comes in. The more I reach out to promote my humor iPhone app, the more I find positive, wonderful people reaching back with support, ideas and more. There are thousands of wonderful resources out there, thousands of smart women and like minded souls. The amazing group Moms with Apps run by Lorraine and all her brilliant marketing ideas. The reviewers who are so thoughtful and treat a review request with curtosy and enthusiasm such as the iPhone Mom. Plus,, what a lot of nice amazing and funny women write out there.
So though I'm having fun, I think the next stage of the campaign is to bring in a PR person to take my humor iPhone app Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track to the next level. But I'm looking for a Market Like a Mother way to do it. So I posted it as a part-time position on Craigs List and I'm hoping to find a PR mom with a few hours a day to market too. We'll see how that goes. Email me at editor(@) if you have ideas.
Meanwhile, I'm also doing some real-world ideas suggested by crazy innovative moms out on Mom Invented! Tamara's wonderful giving community of moms. Print post cards and car magnets. Since you drive around all day, why not use your car as a promotion, well, wait for it, vehicle. Those I'm printing through where they're having a big sale.
Got any great Market Like a Mother ideas that are working for you?

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