Avatar and Avert Your Eyes

My husband took the kids to see Avatar so I could have a few hours to work on editing my collection, "Sleeping With the Laundry" for its upcoming publication with DoubleDog Studios. (Can you tell I'm excited.)

Anyway, they went to see Avatar, which my husband says is NOT age appropriate for a 10 and 7 year old.

There was a sex scene.


My husband said our son covered his eyes. After a few minutes he peeked again.

"Get the honeymoon over!" He said to the screen.

It was three hours of a blah movie that I don't think any of them really liked. I should check these things before I let them go. It's so easy with sites like rotton tomatoe and parenting reviews.

I was very glad for the three hours to edit. Progress is great. I'm planning to turn it over for development soon. It will be released as an iPhone application in February! Fantastic. More to come on that and an upcoming opportunity for other moms to get published too.

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