Why Invitations Do Not Belong on the Fridge

Most of my family lives on the East Coast. I live in the Midwest. That's hard when raising kids. Especially when I've got neighbors who regularly drop their kids to their parents for a night out --or a week in Colorado. Plus, most of all, it's easy to feel really out of touch with family.

So I was delighted when my adorable cousin Teresa moved to a city two hours away. Finally a relative in proximity. She's due to have her first child so I'm excited. Family and a baby!

Earlier this month I received an invitation to a shower for her in her town. I would get to serve as her link back to her roots. Something I didn't always have when my kids were young and we'd relocated to Arkansas. I'd represent the family to her friends here. 
But alas, I put the invitation on my fridge. The place where all organization goes to die.

On the day and hour of the shower, the invite miraculously emerged from the abyss. It was too late. I had to quickly email in my regrets RSVP.

This is the life of a mom. I sometimes think I'm pretty organized.

Clearly I'm not. First step, I think the side of fridge has got to go.

Second step? A really sweet gift for Teresa. I googled some bedding and found this place. Have you ever shopped through this source before? Become.com. I see they have seasonal holiday shopping tips.

Here's what I found for Teresa:

lavender crib bedding

black crib bedding

farm crib bedding

graco duoglide double stroller

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