Laundry Tip: Send Your Shirts to the Cleaners (Works Every Time)

Yesterday, I noticed that some of my sweaters and shirts were wrinkled. I set them on my bed and laid them out flat.

I guess, in retrospect, I don't know what I thought would happen. The wrinkles would fall out? Some magical mice and birds would come, iron them, and fly them back into place with a few style updates with ribbons and pearls to boost?

So last night I was going to bed and there they all still were. Laid out flat but just as wrinkled. It cracked me up that I had just expected something to happen without applying the pressure and heat of an iron.
So I got one out, plugged it in and ironed them right there on the bed. (NOT ADVISED: HAZARDOUS. You have been warned. But it is a delicious short cut if you are just edgy or lazy enough.)
They looked great. Much like life. Things don't come to you. You don't just put your resume up on the web and expect a great job to fall in your lap. You don't set ingredients on the counter and expect pie. Life takes action to get what you want.
Being part-time has severely Mommy Tracked my career. I know that now. It was a great perk that my company was so kind to extend the benefit. And great to be with my kids. Time to get my career back in gear. My new resume is up on the web. Now, it's time to get out the iron and apply some pressure.