Chad Ochocinco in the Pink

Great thing about Chad Ochocinco is that he gives me, a soccer mom, something in football I can understand: Pink Cleats and a marketing push.

I'm more connected this week with football than I have been in a while. (Or maybe it was the win last Sunday for the Bengals) I'm looking forward to watching the game today. Even if only for a few minutes before I lose interest again and the laundry or cooking dinners calls.

I'm proud of Chad for his marketing genius AND for his compassion. If Chad released a shirt with a pink ribbon, I'd buy it. Now that's saying something. Go Chad!

These sneakers shown at left are not Chad Ochocinco's pink cleats, they are my daughters. My husband just ordered them for her birthday. So Chad and my daughter, they've got things in common. A bond.