You're Doing What Under the Bleachers?

We met our friends the Guests at the local Homecoming High School Football game last night. It seems our 10 year-old has developed a crush on their 10 year-old daughter Maddie.

We met for the Homecoming Parade, 5 floats and 2 bands, on the corner and watched the parade go by. After my son said, "I'm so excited for later."

Maddie's Mom, Alex and I asked why, of course.

"I can't wait to go under the bleachers with Maddie." Alex and I both raised our eyebrows and said nothing. At 10, I don't think they mean what that means... Ithink... anyway,, I'm relatively sure.

But during the game, Alex and I both did shifts taking a walk-by under the bleachers to the concession stand.