A Painted House II: The Saga Continues

Since my Victorian house is on the National Register, I want to be a good steward for my painted lady. I want to take good care of it while I am the owner. That is my responsibility as it is a treasure.

And yet. I want to take the house into the 21st century. Keep in mind Victoria, our inspiration here, was a rocking babe. She had one long and prosperous reign.

So my color choices are a departure from the normal. From the everyday. But I think they really kick the house up a notch. It's jumping off the curb now.

But, seems a woman came up to tell the painters that she hated the color choices.

I asked them, "Was it a cranky, old, crotchety lady?"

They said it was.
I said, "Well, that's exactly the type of people we want to hate it."

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