Bad Mom or At the Least Mediocre

Yesterday, my daughter fell at the playground off the monkey bars. She cried loudly and differently.

So I dropped everything and ran to her. It seemed to be her wrist. She could bend it up and down. And she could squeeze my hand. But she was crying pretty hard.

I closed up my Neighborhood Watch meeting at the picnic shelter and we went home.

My daughter went straight to bed and was still crying. I started to get alarmed. There have been several kids with casts, hairline fractures and more lately. Great.

So I got the two kids in the car (husband is traveling) and went down to the Emergency Room at the Children's hospital. We got our number and went to the waiting room. There were tons of people waiting. Frig.

And I've been there before when no one was there and it took all day. So I'm thinking where's the nearest outpatient place. My iphone showed one up in the suburbs that was open until 11:00 for x-rays. So I could go anytime and get an x-ray over the weekend or whenever. But I had to go out side to get that signal to find this info.


While I was out they had called our name from triage. Double Frig. It was now 8:00 at night. The lady who had told me I'd missed my name being called was nice. So I asked her how long she'd been waiting already. She'd been there over 40 minutes. She was there for her son's inner ear. It seems he's been losing his balance lately. I told her it was my daughters wrist.

She said, "Can she bend it?"

"Yes," I said and we demonstrated.

"It's probably sprained," she said.

Good enough for me. A mom opinion. Mom wisdom. I handed in my daughter's hospital wrist band, my matching tag and went home.

If it really is broken, I'll know in a couple of days. Tylenol was applied. Home made sling from a pretty scarf was created. No more tears. I think we're good.

Does that make me a bad mom?
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