A Painted House: Clementine Cottage or Tangerine Dream

Martha Stewart and other blue bloods have a habit of naming their houses. "Turkey Hill," I believe was her Connecticut home's name. The big homes around us growing up had names like "Boxwood" and "Broadlawn." Very blue blood. We admired from afar.

So as a joke, I've always named our houses, our first craftsman style tiny home, "Rose Cottage," our second post-war bungalow, "Rosedown," after the plantation near Oxford, Mississippi. Our third, "Reunion Hill" for a Richard Shindell song. (We've moved a lot.)

So with the bright orange name ideas: Clementine Cottage, Tangerine Dream, I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day. Another favorite name, Tranquility Hill.

Check out the pic of the paint job and chime in some names. Yes it is ORANGE!

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