Build Your Network

This past Tuesday a snow storm hit our area. My carpool buddy Dawn and I left work a little early but we walked out into snow so thick we couldn't see. My phone rang as we were headed for the car.
It was the afterschool program. They called all the parents to let them know how hard it was snowing there.
Ut-oh. The roads are covered and we were not going anywhere fast.

It became apparent that we were not going to make pickup on time. It's more than the fines for being late, it's that I don't want to inconvenience the after-school workers. They need to get home too.

Plus, I've been the last mom before and late. The kids are sitting on a bench with coats on. Though the after-school program is great, when you are the last mom, the scene is forlorn and sad. All the mom-guilt in the whole world descends on your shoulders. I was telling Dawn this experience on our ride and she patted my elbow. It's bad. I could tell she's been there too.

Who could I call? I already called my friend Rebecca for my dead battery last week. Dawn's husband is a doctor so he was home that day and he picked up their girls. My spouse was out of town. No backup plan. So we started to kick the Mom-Network into gear. I remembered my neighbor Kara would be picking up her son too. I got her cell number from after-school.

Kara was on the road too. Stuck in slow traffic, but she's only about 5 miles from school. She agreed to pick up my kids. Thank goodness. I say to Dawn, "This is our network. It's other Moms we can call for help. The others who are in the same pickle."

Kara got my kids and took them home. Thank goodness.

Meanwhile Dawn and I were driving through some crazy snow. I could not figure out how to get the 4-wheel drive into gear. Dawn, resourceful woman, pulled out the owners manual and looked it up. She figured it our and we were in 4 wheel drive.

We made it home. Everyone was safe and sound. If we all stick together we can find a way to do it all. Or anyway do the best we can. And that's about all we can do.

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