Thoughts Held in Mind Produce...

In the New Thought movement, we have a saying, "thoughts held in mind produce after their kind." In Old Grandma wisdom, this is "be careful what you ask for, you may get it!"

I have had an amazing demonstration of this 'manifestation' Truth this week.

In December, I decided 2009 would be the year I get involved in music again, after not having a regular gig since Jason was born. I decided I would audition for MUSE, Cincinnati's elite women's chorus, which is dedicated to "musical excellence and social change." I have always loved that group and fantasized about singing for their director, Catherine Roma.

On our New Year's Day bike ride, I told the BABES my 2009 goal. A week later, I was disappointed to find out (after expressing my interest to a friend in the chorus) that auditions are held in late August. "However, she noted, "sometimes an urgent need comes up and they have a special audition."

An urgent need did come up--for 1st altos! Because of my ongoing cough, I have recently become more of a 1st alto than the 2nd soprano I always was. Who could imagine this 'problem' might open a new door?

My friend put in my name and alerted me to the audition date, "sometime in the next few weeks" last Friday. On Monday I got a call that the audition would be Tuesday. After angsting all day and making various people listen to me sing, I settled on "I Believe I Can Fly," which is solidly in 1st alto territory, if not musically as showy as the Broadway songs I was considering.

The audition was much tougher than I expected, involving explaining my musical background to a panel, matching pitches in complex chords, sight-reading, then singing that piece in four-part harmony, and finally singing my prepared piece. Catherine corrected my pitches several times during the sight-reading. Then during the four-part singing, she commented that I had a 'glottal attack' which she wanted me to lose. I had no idea what that was. I ran out of breath on the long notes. I was a nervous wreck before starting my solo, and she cut me off before I was halfway through. I was pretty sure I had blown it, and also that accompanying myself instead of using their accompanist had been a bad decision. I drove home dejected in the pouring rain.

They said I would hear Wednesday. I sat by the phone. Finally, when I could take it no more, I e-mailed the auditions person at 2 pm. At 6 I got an e-mail back saying, "this answer is yes; I will call tonite." I still didn't really trust that I was in. I thought maybe they were going ask me to be the sub accompanist or something.

Finally, at 9:22 pm, the call came. I am really and truly IN and invited to an alto sectional potluck Sunday night. They have already assigned me a 'buddy' to show me the ropes at the regular Monday night rehearsals. I don't think I have been this excited since we got the call that Jasmine needed a family. I have really been needing some good news lately, what with it being February and clients dropping like flies and all.

Denny was en route from Columbus and his cell phone does not work outside Cincinnati, so I had to wait until he got home to give him the news. In spite of the fact that this new commitment is going to complicate his life, he was very excited. "Wow," he said, "You really manifested that dream quickly!"

Watch this spot for concert dates.

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