If at First You Don’t Succeed, Find New Directions

“This will be a cinch,” I thought smugly late Saturday night, as I reviewed the directions for making the craft I was to teach the next morning at Sunday School. “I’m great at origami, so this woven heart-shaped basket will be a piece of cake.”

45 minutes later, I still could not understand how to get two pieces of paper to fit together the way they did in the Swedish Paper Hearts diagram. I had repeated the weaving process dozens of times, following the directions verbatim (I thought), but the result was not satisfactory.

Getting a little frustrated, but still thinking clearly, I had the brainstorm to try a different craft web site. This second one used photos instead of drawings, and different wording for the step I was misunderstanding. Within seconds, I had a beautiful 3-D valentine to fill with candy or a note! It was such a wonderful feeling, realizing I was not an idiot. The first craft directions were just unclear!

It takes under 2 minutes to make this adorable craft from cutting out the pieces to finished product. If you want to see one, type “send me one” in Comments and I will mail you one so you can see what you are making when you follow the “good” directions at http://www.craftideas.info/html/swedish_paper_hearts.html.

Happy Monday.

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