Looking for a Less Sugarful Halloween Idea?

I adore candy. All types. Sizes. Flavors. Love the stuff. But it does not love me back. I know it's not good for me. And I feel very yucky after my annual Halloween Binge. (Though that somehow doesn't stop me.)

The Average American can consume about 2-3 pounds of sugar a week! Crazy. So I look for ways to cut back in my daily life. I strive to eat sugar just on special occasions like birthdays, major holidays and of course, Halloween. And I teach moderation to my kids. (Especially when I catch their hand in the cookie jar.)

When an idea comes along that makes sense I like to share it. So here's a good one. If you believe in eating locally, like me, patronizing local diners and restaurants and bakeries, here's a great deal from our local Big Boy Frisch's.

I know you've seen these awesome Frisch's Kid's Meal Coupon Books before. They are the perfect substitute for candy and something you can feel good about giving out. They're the gift of savings and time out together as a family. 

For only $1 you get a book of 8 coupons. Each coupon's a free meal for a kid. You can pick the coupons up at the drive through or just add on several books when you check out. So if you haven't gotten your Halloween candy yet. Give yourself a break and have dinner out tonight. While you're there pick up the coupons. It's good for kids, good for family time and great for the wallet.

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