Are You Chasing Your Dreams? Have Your Own Business? Mompreneur Sound Like You?

Check out this great resource for inspiration and hard-hitting advice. The Business Owner's Toolkit. It provides fast-paced, entertaining podcasts for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Recently, I was honored to be interviewed by Greg Corombos of Radio America's Business Owner's Toolkit for his fabulous show to share my advice for mompreneurs.

Listen to the Interview Here

Sharing my thoughts on marketing and running the business end of my book app, Sleeping With the Laundry, helped my distill a few tips I could share with you. Call these hard knocks from the business of life. Here goes:

Three Quick Tips from the Trenches for New or Aspiring Mompreneurs
  • Get Up Early - This may sound simple but to chase your dreams, I've found you've got to get started before the rug rats come at you with demands for cereal, milk, hugs and coffee (wait that's me).

  • Find A Community - You may be the only one in your neighborhood building an app or launching a business, but you're not the only one in the world. Find communities of people doing similar things for advice, tips and camaraderie. Invest time in helping your contacts there so when you have a need you won't feel like the one always asking and never giving.

  • Seek Out the Free - In this economy, only the frugal survive. There are thousands of outlets out there hungering for content. You've got to find their niche and provide something that helps them. In other word, you've got to give to receive. For example, I met this wonderful mom on Macaroni Kids Angela, she's doing a review for my book app, Sleeping With the Laundry and throwing in two weeks of a free link to boot. She just made a friend and a fan in me for life. And that's how community is built, person to person or mom to mom. Together we're stronger.
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I'd love to hear your tips or thoughts on the radio show. What advice is really helping you run your business?

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