Recycled Seed Catalog Easter Eggs

Family Time Tip: Spring is a great time to get crafty. It's fun to make something together while building your children's artistic skills. My daughter and I were decorating eggs for Easter. We had some Mod Podge, but no interesting images to past onto our eggs. So we looked around and discovered we had tons of seed catalogs with bright images of flowers. So here's the craft:

Gather: paint brushes, craft glue such as Mod Podge, old seed catalogs and wooden eggs or blown eggs.
  • Clip small squares of flower images from the catalogs.

  • Cover the eggs with craft glue.

  • Gently attach each square and brush over it with craft glue until it is flattened onto the egg. Smooth down the folds with your brush.

  • Let dry. Clean up all counters immediately before the glue dries.

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