Devine Jewelry Intervention

I recently started a brand new job. I was getting ready for my first day at the new office when mysteriously a necklace with a cross appeared in my jewelry box. It was the medallion type that you give to children for a first communion gift. I had never seen it before and there it was with my seldom worn pieces.
Anyway, I wore it on this particularly important day of transition to my new job. Transitions are always a challenge, even when they are good ones. So, I needed a little help from upstairs. Plus if a mysterious cross appears, you pretty much should wear it.
At dinner that night, I was telling my husband about the cross. He looked it over and started reading the message on the back. It was in very tiny writing, so he read it slowly.
I'm... a... Catholic... please ... call... a... priest.
"Oh, it's like a medical alert bracelet for catholics," I said. "Like if you get in an accident. Someone would know to call a priest."
"I'm a catholic," my husband said. "But I'd still want them to call an ambulance."

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