Seventeen Again - Not For Kids

The Movie Seventeen Again was marketed to kids as my 10-year-old son has been clamoring to see it for months. It seems he saw the preview before a Disney movie.

Well, Seventeen Again is NOT for kids. That is unless you want your children getting an early class in sex education. Which, though I'm not a prude, I certainly don't. Not from Zac Efron anyway.
So we watched it with a quick finger on the remote control clicker. Every third scene had something to skip. But the kids did enjoy what they saw.
They told classmates that they saw it. So I've been back peddling behind the scenes, explaining to other moms that I did forward through a lot. (Don't need to solidify my reputation as the slacker mom.)
For grownups, though, the movie was quite enjoyable and charming. I'd recommend putting it on your Netfix list. Plus the movie had a lot fewer plot flaws without the skipped scenes.

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