Back to School

My daughter Peg and her friend Natalie were riding in the car to a party. Natalie's mom overheard Peggy say, "Don't worry Natalie, we'll be in the same classroom. They'll want to keep the smart girls together."

Natalie's mom laughed at this funny statement from my new 1st grader. I didn't know if I should be proud that she has self confidence or horrified that she has no tact.

My co-worker and friend Mo related a similar story. Her son was doing his Kindergarten assessment. He told his teacher, "I'm smart," at the very beginning.

Half way through his teacher complemented him on getting an answer right. "I told you I was smart," he said.

Mo chooses to be proud. I'm rolling with it, too. Share your thoughts on how to teach our children self confidence. Plus a little humility.

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