Say No to Skinny Jeans

Lost 3 pounds detoxing last week. Yea! The thing I missed most was the coffee. So yes today I've got a cup. But it's not as good as I remembered. Perhaps I might stay detoxed.

I'd hung a picture of cute jeans from More magazine on my fridge. They looked so cute because the woman had room in them around the hips. I never have that anymore. So I hung them on the fridge for inspiration.

My husband walked by and commented.

"You like these jeans?" He asked. I explained that I liked how she looked in them. The roominess.

"I'll buy you those pair of jeans if you get thin." he said. Really he said that.

"I'm going to take that you meant that in the best possible way," I said with a laugh. Because really I know he did. He's always so complimentary and encouraging.
"You know what I mean," he said. He knows my forever-weight goal. Not my dream number, but the number I should be on a daily basis to feel comfortable. My everyday-goal weight. "I'll get you those jeans if you get to that number."

So I did. Today I won those pair of jeans from my husband. Yipee.
But I'm wondering if I had a sky's-the-limit budget which jeans are totall hot. Which jean brand could I wear and look totally in style. But still look OK with my figure which is still not perfect, wide at the hips. And for the record. I am never, never wearing SKINNY JEANS. That style looks stupid. Say No to Skinny Jeans.

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