Mom I'd Like to Tweet

I have a t-shirt that reads: MILT, Mom I'd Like to Tweet. I bought it on Twitter.
My husband saw it. Read it. And said, "Do you know what that saying's based on?"
"Noooooo," I said, "I just bought some random T-shirt because I liked the color." He laughed.
He has since told me twice, he does not like the t-shirt. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
We had a casual-dress-down photo scavenger hunt off-site for work yesterday. I really debated about wearing the t-shirt. It is a bit crass and a little off image.

So I took an informal poll, my Creative Director John who works on the StrongMoms account so he knows the mom-area. He agreed that I should wear it and said, "Shake things up a little. Keep them guessing."

My favorite designer Sara voted yes too.
So, I wore it. I got high fives and rave reviews for the t-shirt at work. We're a very creative workplace.
One of our group's photos won for best collaboration, which is quite an honor in such a competitive and creative workplace. Feeling pretty MILT.

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