Sometimes the biggest transformation can come from a can of paint

Here's where we started over 9 months ago. We tested colors on our wall at our St. Pats event.
We decided on Sherwin Williams Relentless Olive with crowdsourcing help from friends. And I'm showing my #SWcolorlove. 

Old House fans will not be surprised by the lag time. There is an interesting phenomenon that Old House Lovers inderstand, how you can walk past a project and not see it. For months. Literally.  It seems a good coping mechanism. If you could see it it would be overwhelming. Is there a name for this Project-Progress Blindness? Let me know. 

Next, my super talented friend Abby who chose all the colors of my beloved orange Victorian told me to check out Krypton, this subtle gray that manifests as blue. 
So check out these before and after shots.
Now the focus is on the woodwork and it has an antique feel appropriate to its #OldHouseDiary period.
Blank boring hall with heavy focus on the picture rail. 
These pictures don't do it justice. But it is warm and inviting now. It is amazing the difference a can or two of paint can make. Carpet next.then I need my decorator friends to help me furnish affordable from and more. Murals will take 5 years. More Project-Progress Blindness to come.

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