Flubbing the Teachable Moment

Sequence TinWe had our friends the Kennedy Family over to play cards. Typically the kids run off and play. But this night they were hanging around the kitchen like we had aprons with strings attached to them or something. I think they were a bit wiped out from summer.

Anyway we decided to play Sequence, our favorite game. Well my daughter was talkative. Very talkative. She was excited as they are good friends of ours and I think a bit over sugared.

After our friends were gone, I thought I'd grab the teachable moment in the quiet moments of tucking my daughter into bed. I shared that she may have monopolized the conversation a bit and explained to her how it's polite to let other people talk.

"You can save it, Mom," my daughter said. "Dad already talked to me and he said it much nicer." Ooops. Teachable moment there too.

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