Celebrating You Mom! Happy Mother's Day FREE App Friday

It's FREE App Friday -- The Mother's Day Edition. Sleeping with the Laundry is FREE all day! Happy Mother's Day to you Mom. I know what you're going through and kudos to you.

Plus check out all these other great specials on www.momswithapps.com. Awesome mom and app developer Lorraine is running a fab site all about family-friendly apps and super cool moms who develop them. Check it out and get some of these specials!

ChorePad – What is your app about? Chore Pad and Chore Pad HD are fantastic for helping organize the family chores around the house. It is much more useful than regular chore charts. You can assign chores to specific family members and chart their progress. Chores can be repeated or assigned to any number of people. Use rewards to motivate kids or reluctant house mates! Chore Pad HD also works very well in other settings. Roommate situations, classrooms with and without special needs, and even adult home environments can all easily take advantage of this app.

Be Confident in Who You Are – What is your app about? Be Confident in Who You Are is based on Book 1 of the award-winning Middle School Confidential™ series written by teen expert Annie Fox, illustrated by Matt Kindt, and published by Free Spirit Publishing. This graphic novel app enables readers to zoom right into the story world. With beautiful full-color illustrations and richly layered audio made up of movie-like sound effects and music, Be Confident will be a sure-fire hit with 8-14 year olds. (Even those who don’t like to read!) As a bonus for parents and teachers, this app puts thought-provoking entertainment and solutions into the hands of teens who deal with these personal issues every day. It’s likely to challenge teens to think about their emotions and behavior in new ways and encourage them to make more respectful, cooperative choices at school and at home.

Cinderella Puzzle Book – What is your app about? Cinderella Puzzle Book is the timeless classic story book with 25 pages of manga art illustrations. Options of text highlighting, narration and auto page flipping make it easy and enjoyable for a wide range of children. Parents can also record their own voice for the narration! Mini games are sprinkled throughout the book to engage the reader. The interactive jigsaw puzzles improve the child’s shape recognition ability. The search and matching of “hidden crowns” improve color matching ability. The coloring game is simple fun to look at! The goal is to let the reader feel engaged while reading an e-book and also to improve shape and coloring matching ability along the way. Axion Logic is also promoting their other titles this App Friday, so look out for the Prince Bear and Pauper Bear, along with the HD versions – FREE and specially priced on the App Store!

Play Phone – What is your app about? Play Phone is an educational app for your toddler that lets him/her learn about colors, alphabets, numbers, vehicles and identify who is who in the family. Identifying someone in the family screen is highly customizable and that makes this app unique. You can use the pictures from your album or use the camera of your device to take pictures of your family members and use them in the app right away. You can also record your own voice to quiz your child to identify the picture.

What’s in it for me this App Friday, May 6th?

Chore Pad - $.99

Chore Pad HD – $1.99

Be Confident in Who You Are: Middle School Confidential - $.99

Cinderella Puzzle Book - $.99

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear – FREE

Play Phone - FREE

KinKast Video Sharing - always FREE

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