It's All in the Cheer

My husband is coaching my daughter's soccer team, the Pink Panthers, this year. This is pretty awesome of him because up until about a year ago, he didn't really know what Off Sides meant. He's never played but that's not stopping him. He's all into it. He makes charts of who plays when in excel and prints them out before each game.

My 11-year-old son is his assistant coach. And he's really enjoying this responsibility. He wasn't going to be able to make the Pink Panther's first game so my husband was looking to involve him. He asked my son, "What's your advice for the first game?" He asked. My son's played for years.

"Well," my son said. "Get all the girls together in a circle before the game. Have them put their hands in and say, 'Go,' then say the team name."

My husband nodded.

"Very good advice," he said. It made me smile.

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