Disney on a Dime or Less? Disney Magic Tip

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We're getting ready to head to Disney World with our 7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. It's our first time going--ever!

So I'm gathering the scoop from my mom network of friends. Everyone (except me) has been to Disney and has tips to share. Restaurants to frequent. Rides to skip or ones worth the wait. Strategies. Disney books. It's amazing.

So my friend Shelly had an awesome tip to help make your own Disney magic on a dime. Here's the mom Disney tip:

  1. Before you go, visit a dime store and get one item per child per day. For me we're going to the park three days while we are in Orlando, so I'll get 6 items.
  2. When you leave your hotel room for the day, send one parent back to stick one gift each on the bed.
  3. The Disney hotel cleaning staff (if you are staying on the resort) will make up the item when they clean the room for the day. They'll often fold towels and create an entire presentation for the gift.
  4. While at the park and the kids ask for an item, just say, "Let's see what's in our room when we get back." And skip shelling out the big bucks and toting things around at the park. 
  5. Back at the hotel the kids will be surprised and delighted by their gifts.

In typical money-saving-man fashion, I was telling my husband about this great money-saving Disney idea. My husband said, "Just say no when they ask for stuff. That will save us a bundle too."
Can't live with them. Can't live without them. Sheesh. I'm heading to the dollar store today.

Got a money saving Disney tip. Help a sista' out.

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