You Don't Get Off the Island by Walking

My son is new to baseball. He's been playing soccer for a few years and he's not the most coordinated child. Before his first game last week we told him. "You don't have to swing at every pitch."

Sure enough, he got up, swung once, swung twice, swung a third time and he sat back down.

After the game, I said to him again, "You don't have to swing at every pitch that comes."

"I know," he said.

Walking home from the game we ran into a neighbor Rob who played in college. We were talking about the game and reiterated to our son that he could be more choosy in his swings. Rob bent down and looked Wendell in the eye.

"It's okay bud," Rob said. "Nobody gets off the island by walking."

And that's good wisdom to me as a mom and a writer. It's pertinent to a lot of us who are creative, or have our own businesses. It's hard to put yourself out there for your book, your product, your store or sometimes even your career. I know marketing and tooting my own horn is really out of my comfort zone. But if we don't take a chance, we'll basically get nowhere.

Sales of my iPhone app, Sleeping with the Laundry have been slow. But it's not that it's not good. It's gotten rave reviews. But it's that the world is busy, there are over 185,000 apps on the store. You've got to make some noise if you want to be heard. So, taking a little wisdom from my son. I'm getting back to basics. I'm looking at my marketing plan and working the plan this week, this day. Swing by swing. What are your ideas for marketing your book, store or product?

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