Mother Talker: How Not to Motivate Kids

My friends Liz, Dawn and I were discussing our world-class parenting skills and some of the awful mistakes in things we sometimes say to our kids. It was very therapeutic.

I was relating a story in mom-isms. Last year around Mother's Day the Enquirer ran an article on favorite mom-isms. Readers sent in pieces of wisdom or sayings from their mom.

My husband was reading some of these out loud at the table. One person had sent in a saying from their mom. It went like this:

"Behave or I'll rip off your arm and beat you with the stump."

We both laughed at the ridiculousness of this saying.

"I'll have to write that one down to use again," my husband joked.

Our six-year-old daughter started to cry. Yup, great parenting. Share some of your shining moments of momhood.

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