Your Mom Called She Arrived Home Safe

The other day when I came home from work, my sitter pointed at the notepad.

"Your mom called," he said. "She arrived home safely."

My mom died six years ago.

My first thought was wonder and amazement at how she had done that. Although really I knew he was talking about my mother-in-law who had just left for home that day.

But for a moment, I paused and didn't answer. I let myself roll around in my head the thought that my mom had called. My mom calling me from the other side. It felt magical, like a sign that for a brief moment, I had felt her near. And I thought, what a beautiful message for one to leave from the other side. And that's just what she would do.

"I'm here. I arrived safe. All is well."

And though it was just a misunderstanding, could there be something miraculous in it? It was the strangest thing. And I'm glad.

"Thanks." I told my sitter. "That's good to know."

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