Hair Frizz Issues Solved

To complete this story, I want to talk inspiration. First for inspiration is Len, my stylist. He is fab and I won't share his last name or salon, because I can barely get an appointment as is.
So I arrived at my appointment with my hair not done. It was a Saturday. What do you expect? And he took one look and said, "Waves are back in. You should go with this."
The night before it turns out I was watching "Some Like it Hot" featuring Marilyn and the fabulous Hotel Del Coronado. The beautiful hotel from San Diego is featured prominently in the film so we'd rented it. Just to see the old dame. And the historic old beauty delivered. Marliyn was good too. Anyway, back to our main story, her hair was this floppy mass of curls that are timeless and some (I guess many) would say are sexy.

So let me clarify. I could never in 1 million years hope to look like Marilyn. But her hair is timeless.

So with Marilyn and Len as inspiration, (He would love that, bless his heart) I hit the Target for some hot rollers! And some more products.

To back up, meanwhile I'd also revisited the information from Pantene and found a celebrity stylist recommendation for a smoothing product to help eliminate frizz. This was the Pantene Smooth Anti Frizz Serum. Since I always see Len mix a serum with a mousse before application, I picked up Pantene Classic In Control Mousse.

The look was lush curls with hold. I also used hair spray. The take away is a great list of products to solve frizz, but also a larger life lesson. Don't fight your curls. Embrace who you are. Make the most of the style you have. Embracing my curls made my hair not look frizzy. And I've been wearing my curly look and getting rave reviews. No more frizz for me.

So here's the product list to Fight Frizz with Damage Protection No Leading Salon Can Beat:

1. Moisture Renewal Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment (Fortifying Fortifier Treatment if you can't find Moisture Renewal Treatment)

2. After towel dry: Add Pantene Smoothing Serum to Pantene Classic Mousse. Work through hair.

3. Blow dry hair straight. Use Conair Hot Rollers all over. Keep in 10 minutes. Remover rollers. Wait 1 minute (per package directions). Comb out and spray with Pantene hairspray.

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