Easy St. Patrick's Day Decor

Here's an easy idea for St. Patrick's Day Decor.

You'll need:

You may need a helper for this. Lay out the material about 3-4 yards depending on your light string size along the ground. Then take your light string and unravel it out to full length. Have another person stand at the far end of the material holding the light string above the material.

Lay the lights on top of the material holding on to both the lights and the material so the lights don't re-ravel themselves. 

Then, wrap the crinoline around the lights.
Tie the twine at the neck of both ends of the plug, so that the plug is outside of the material and every few yards along the way.

You should have like a green snake of crinoline tied so it is easy to work with. Now  you can wrap these crinoline/lights roping around banisters and drape over mantelpieces. 

Best of all, after St. Pats, you can set painted eggs or the plastic ones on top of the green to look like eggs nested in the grass turning your St. Pat's Decor into Easter decorations. 


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