Author Margee Moore was born in a year that shall remain nameless to poor Irish immigrant's descendants who were solidly middle class by the time Margee arrived. 

Margee developed a love for humor writing in 8th grade Social Studies when her teacher Mr. Gilchrist read her "Why I Will Not Act Up When the Teacher is Out of the Room Again" paper out loud to the delight of her classmates. 

In 1999, when her son Wendell arrived, Margee chucked her hard-won accounting career and changed to a more creative (and less well paying) field of writing and marketing. She started writing her beloved column "Sleeping with the Laundry" for a magazine in Arkansas and it has since been syndicated. 

Her book "Sleeping with the Laundry" is a collection of her most popular narratives. Designed for the busy mom it includes short chapters that can be picked up and put down as a busy mom's schedule demands. Humor topics include potty training, love and marriage, travel with kids, kindergarten decisions, play groups and many more.

Years of taking notes led to Margee Moore developing an app for parents.

Mom hopes her app comforts parents

1:12 AM, Aug 26, 2010

Margee Moore knows that even when lots of mothers are up at 3 a.m. with a crying baby, a smartphone or iPod often isn't too far out of reach.
"A lot of times, you'll have it on you for music," says the Wyoming mother of two. "Being a mom can have these moments of loneliness."
Moore, who has an 11-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter, is taking advantage of mobile technology in hopes of bringing a little humor and comfort to other parents. ...Read article on Cincinnati.com


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