Pump-kin Up the Volume: Quick Halloween Home Decor Tip

Here's a quick and easy Halloween home decor tip. Most grocery stores like Kroger and Trader Joe's have affordable fall mums. I know I regularly throw one into the cart.

Halloween Home Decor Tip

Next time you are at the store, also pick up one of the $.99 plastic pumpkins. My daughter hates these things. (I believe it's because they don't hold enough candy.) 

Anyway, I love them. They are so nostalgic to me. I have old photos where my brother Jim and I are running through our lawn in Massachusetts with pumpkins in hand. I believe we played with these pumpkins for months around Halloween time. 
Here's the easy way to combine these two fall favorites. 
Halloween Home Decor TIp
  1. Slip your mum out of its floral wrapper. 
  2. Remove the pot and throw it away. 
  3. Place the mum back into its floral wrapper. This is very important so you don't water your counter when you water. 
  4. Slide the mum in its floral wrapper into the pumpkin. 
  5. Done! 
The pumpkin looks a little like its wearing a punk rocker (or Pumpkin Rocker) costume for the season. Remember to water your new dude. 

Halloween Fall Decor Tip Plastic Pumpkin


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