Networking with Smart Women at SmartTalk

About a month ago, I saw that some female bloggers all got a fab trip to LA just to try out this new healthy snack. Sounded cool. They got to network with each other just to try some new chips.

So this week Cincinnati Women Bloggers shared an opportunity with SmartTalk the women's speaker series.

My friend Beth Anne a founder of her own plus-size womens clothing line, Janice an editor and owner of, Dawn food guru, author and fab copywriter, and I are all going to see the talk this Tuesday. Here's the info:

Smart Talk Connected Conversations presents Billie Jean King

March 17th, 2009

Pre-show: 6:15 pre-event fashion show with Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs.

So I'll give you the scoop after the event.

So far it's a little tough to navigate the website to find out the event information. Very much looking forward to a fur fashion show before the event! I hear fur is all the rage again with the D.C. crowd. Plus, should be great to network with women from Cincinnati. Can't wait.

Networking Tip: Life Coach Donna Drury shared a networking tip. When you are at a networking event, don't try to meet everyone, get a million cards. Set a goal to have 3 real conversations with whomever you meet. Actually talk and get to know people. It really takes the stress out of networking and makes it a pleasure.

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